How the Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course works..

The OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course Program

OrthoTraining delivers the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course in-office that comprehensively trains individually the doctor, the dental hygienist, and each practice team member in basic orthodontic procedures. With this knowledge and these skills, the practice can accurately diagnose orthodontic problems, develop an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan, and provide excellent limited clear aligner orthodontic treatment (treatment that does not involve skeletal changes or complex dental changes) to their patients.

These are the courses in The OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course Program and ADA-CERP CE Credits awarded by OrthoTraining since it is an approved provider of orthodontic ADA CERP CE credits:

course table

What does this program teach the doctor and Team members?

The program teaches the doctor and the team “Systems of Operation” for the delivery of excellent clear aligner orthodontic care to patients. All the Ortho Basics courses do NOT need to be taken by the doctor or by every Team member.

For example, the doctor, the dental hygienist, and the Treatment Coordinator should complete the New Patient Orthodontic Exam course at the same time. However, other team members should complete the courses about how to produce and analyze orthodontic “records” including photographs, scans and models, panoramic radiographs, and cephalometric images. For these “records” courses, the doctor, the dental hygienist, and the Treatment Coordinator only need to be familiar with the content of these courses, not learning the procedures themselves.

The doctor and the Treatment Coordinator should be able to evaluate the quality of the records and interpret the “analysis” of the records for an accurate diagnosis. The dental team produces each diagnostic record and a digital analysis that is programmed by the computer software. These analyzed records are provided to the doctor for the final diagnosis and treatment plan.

The doctor, dental hygienist, Treatment Coordinator, and specific team members individually complete selected Orthodontic Basics courses so that everyone is aware of their own and the responsibilities of other members of the team:

  • Comprehensively examine a patient orthodontically and enroll the patient so that orthodontic records can be taken.
  • Produce and analyze ABO-quality photographs
  • Produce and analyze intraoral dental scans or dental impressions
  • Produce quick orthodontic study models
  • Understand cephalometric analysis of facial bone and dental structures to identify facial skeletal patterns that may need to be treated, even though the practice may not produce cephalometric radiographs.
  • Orthodontically evaluate panoramic radiographs
  • Learn and practice a step-by-step process of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning where the Team gathers analyzed records and the doctor works up the diagnosis and orthodontic treatment plan.
  • At a consultation the Treatment Coordinator presents the proposed orthodontic treatment plan to the patient. If the treatment involves Clear Aligner Therapy, the estimated cost is discussed, the risks of treatment are presented and informed consent is obtained to proceed. If the patient accepts the plan of treatment:
  • The patient pays the fee to start Clear Aligner Therapy.
  • A patient account is created with the company that manufactures the clear aligners. The initial orthodontic records and the digital intraoral scan are uploaded into the patient account. A prescription the doctor has prepared requesting specific tooth movements is entered into the patient’s account. The clear aligner company returns a proposed digital “treatment plan animation” which has been created by technicians manipulating the company’s digital software (not orthodontists). This proposed digital treatment plan is adjusted by the doctor until the proposed plan meets the treatment objectives previously established by the doctor when developing the diagnosis. When acceptable, the digital treatment plan is approved and the clear aligners are ordered. The patient is scheduled to receive the first aligners when the aligners have arrived.
  • The written “Final Treatment Plan” specifying the date, length, and procedures of each appointment is shared with the patient and entered into the patient’s Electronic Health Record so that the Clinical Team will know the procedures to be performed at each visit.
  • The clinical chairside team then delivers the first aligners, gives instructions to the patient, and sets up regular follow up appointments and communications according to the Final Treatment Plan.
Setting up the Ortho Basics Training Program for the Practice

The practice should have a Trainer or Mentor who can organize, set up, and monitor each team member’s progress completing online courses by checking each team member’s Student Dashboard Report. The doctor and the practice manager should also receive these Student Dashboard Reports because each team member is accountable to the doctor and to the overall managed success of the practice.

Step 1-Train the Mentor-The first step to start the OrthoTraining’s Orthodontic Basics 8-week Mini-Course Program within the practice is to “Train the Trainer” who will be the “Mentor” in the practice administering the program and supervising the learners. How is this done?

  • Mentor Selection-An employee knowledgeable and experienced in basic orthodontic procedures should be selected to be the Mentor who will guide and supervise the training of other employees in the practice.
  • The Mentor purchases the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics Mentor Workbook that has the schedule for setting up the training, detailed descriptions of each course, scripts of the narration of each course, all checklists that are taught in the presentations and used in hands-on training, and orders recommended materials to be used in performing procedures.
  • The Mentor creates an OrthoTraining Student Account online.
  • The Mentor registers for the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics Mentor course to learn the important information about setting up the training program for the practice and subscribes to the course with Dr. Rebecca Poling as Faculty.
  • The Mentor and Dr. Poling work together virtually to set up the training program, purchase the materials for the course, and review the courses the doctor, the dental hygienist, and the Treatment Coordinator will take.
  • The Mentor and Dr. Poling work together virtually to set up the training for the team members who will learn Photography, Intraoral scans and impressions, panoramic radiographs, cephalometric analysis, the analysis of the diagnostic records, and the diagnosis and treatment planning by the doctor using the orthodontic records that have been analyzed.
  • The entire team works together referring to the treatment plan for the patient in the patient’s electronic health record so that the entire team understands what will be done at each appointment.
The OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics Mentor Workbook

An Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course Mentor Workbook is available for the Mentor who teaches the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics 8-week Mini-Course. Dr. Poling taught a similar orthodontic basics course with an online and lab component to each class of 400 dental students from 2014 through 2017 when she was full-time faculty at New York University College of Dentistry. She also organized and directed the Predoctoral Invisalign Clinic during that time where students applied the concepts that they learned in the online courses to actual performance of detailed orthodontic procedures they needed to know when in practice to deliver orthodontic care to patients in the 21st Century.

This is the Table of Contents of the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Basics Mentor Workbook:
These are some photos of the Orthodontic Basics Mentor Workbook:
Orthodontic Basics Mentor Workbook Cover
10.03-Intro to OrthoTraining Checklist
New Patient Orthodontic Exam Script
Photography Course Description
Photography Steps Checklist
Schedule for the Orthodontic Basics 8-Week Mini-Course when given within a practice
The OrthoTraining Orthodontic Assistant 60-Day Apprenticeship Program

OrthoTraining offers a 60-day Orthodontic Assistant Apprenticeship Program that comprehensively trains orthodontic assistant student's in-office preparing them to perform at the highest-level clinically in the practice and meet state licensure requirements. It is intended for individuals who want to be chairside orthodontic assistants and who will be employed by a state-specialty-licensed orthodontist.

These trained individuals place braces, change orthodontic wires, assess patient progress, adjust a patient's orthodontic appliance following the doctor's instructions, and safely remove the braces and place retainers under the doctor's supervision. This training teaches the highest standard of performance of the procedures to protect patient safety.

This program is implemented and administered by a trained Mentor, an individual who is experienced in these procedures, has completed and learned the OrthoTraining Orthodontic Assistant 60-Day Apprenticeship Program, and has completed the OrthoTraining Mentor Training Course for Orthodontic Assistants.

These are The OrthoTraining Orthodontic Assistant 60-Day Apprenticeship Program courses and CE Credits awarded by OrthoTraining since it is an approved provider of ADA-CERP CE credits:

OrthoTraining Chairside Orthodontic Assistant Courses
10.03-Introduction to OrthoTraining
60.12-Orthodontic Banding
60.20-Orthodontic Bonding (9 sub-courses)
60.21 Orthodontic Bonding Introduction
60.22 Bonding-Chapter 1-Benefits, 2-Criteria, 3-Bracket Identification, 4-Bracket Components
60.23 Bonding-Chapter 5-How do braces move teeth, Chapter 6-Preparingteeth for Bonding
60.24 Bonding-Chapter 7-Adhesion Enhancers, Chapter 8-Sealants, Chapter 9-Adhesive Pastes
60.25 Bonding-Chapter 10: Sequence of Bracket Placement
60.26 Bonding-Bracket Placement and Final Positioning for ideal Alignment and Function
60.27 Bonding-Chapter 11-Bonding Difficult Areas, Chapter 12-Bond Troubleshooting, Chapter 13-Rebonding
60.28 Bonding: Chapter 14-Bonding to Composite, 15-Bonding to Porcelain, 16-Bonding to Metal
60.29 Review Course-Orthodontic Bonding Second Molar to Second Molar
60.41-Orthodontic Wires Basics
60.42-initial Ortho Wire Insertion
60.51-Retie Appointment
60.61-Orthodontic Debanding
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