30.10 Clinical Photography
6.0 CE Credits 

This bundle contains 2 courses

30.12 Producing an Orthodontic Series of 9 Photos with a Small Camera

Presentation: 1 hour 17 min Run Time, Knowledge Quiz: 93 Questions, 5 CE Credits

30.14 Uploading Photos into Dolphin Imaging Software Course

Presentation: 20 minutes Run Time, Knowledge Quiz: 9 Questions, 1 CE Credit

30.12 Producing an Orthodontic Series of 9 Photos with a Small Camera

This course covers the precise criteria for excellent photos so that the learner will be able to recognize when a photo is acceptable and when it is not. It also demonstrates every step when producing an orthodontic series of 9 photographs so that the learner will know what procedures need to be changed for photos that are unacceptable. With this knowledge, the individual will be able to take photos on a patient and immediately delete and retake any photos that appear to be unacceptable. This will make the editing and downloading of raw photographs more efficient.

Even though this course demonstrates production with a small point and shoot camera, the basic principles are applicable when using a digital SLR camera. Since this course has been used to train thousands of dental professionals and students, a small, easy-to-operate camera was easier to use in those hands-on sessions than a SLR camera. A future presentation demonstrating the use of a popular SLR camera is planned.

Goal-The Goal of this course is to train the individual how to recognize excellent diagnostic photographs and produce an orthodontic series of 9 photographs with excellent diagnostic quality.

Objectives- At the conclusion of this presentation the learner will:

  1. Identify the criteria of excellent photos

  2. Identify why selected photos are unacceptable

  3. List and demonstrate the step-by-step process of producing an excellent series of 9 photos and state why each step is important.

  4. State the procedures that must be changed to correct unacceptable photos.

This course Presentation has about 93 embedded quiz questions that help the learner focus on the important concepts. The Presentation is sectioned into 13 topics where each topic covers the criteria of the view and production of the view.

Uploading Photos into Dolphin Imaging 

This course teaches how to download a patient’s clinical photographs from a camera and then upload them into the patient’s Dolphin Imaging layout so they will meet a high standard. This layout of 9 photos is then uploaded to Invisalign if the patient decides to pursue Invisalign treatment.

Goal of this course is to train the learner to select and download a patient’s photographs from a camera and then upload the images into a 9-photo layout editing them to meet specific standards to facilitate correct diagnosis.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Find, select, and download a patient’s clinical photographs from a camera into a computer folder.

  2. Select a composite layout for 9 photos that includes the Close-up of the Smile image place holder

  3. Drag, drop, enlarge, and rotate each clinical image to the proper location on the layout and then edit the layout so that the images meet specific standards that will assist in diagnosis

  4. Save the layout in the patient’s chart and label it properly

  5. Place the “raw” images in the patient’s photo folder labelling them with the date, stage of treatment, and patient’s details.

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30.10 Clinical Photography
6.0 CE Credits
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