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The Best Orthodontic Training Available Online.

The Only Online Orthodontic Training Program Produced by an ADA CERP-Recognized Provider
OrthoTraining is a Cloud-based Platform which is designed for quick learning by the student so that training takes a fraction of the time, yet the graduate still performs at the highest level in clinic.

No matter where or when you choose, OrthoTraining provides you 24/7 access to industry-leading continuing education materials.

Students learn on their own time from interactive, focused, online courses and then they are ready to advance to lab or clinical instruction.
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Learn at your pace anywhere,anytime
It can be hard to know where to start. That's why we are here to help clear the confusion. So, you can find and enrol in the courses you want to learn.

60+ Courses by Dentistry’s Leading and Experienced Faculty in one place

Simplified online enrolment to give easy access to study the courses you want

Get Started on your Study Journey today

Earn multiple certificates after completing your courses
The unique qualities of OrthoTraining program are:
  • All courses are designed for quick learning so that training takes a fraction of the time.
  • Appropriate for training New Orthodontic Assistants, Orthodontic Teams, New Orthodontic Residents, Dental Students, Dentists, and Orthodontists.
  • The highest quality of training available so that users can go into clinic and immediately perform procedures at an expert level.
  • Technology-built on a leading university-level Learning Management System platform (Sakai).
  • Tracks all learning activities of students using SCORM Cloud tracking to help students to learn at their own pace and to identify students who are having trouble and need help, so that all students will succeed.
  • Individuals sign up and retain their own active OrthoTraining accounts for life with access to all records of completed courses, including CE Certificates earned online since OrthoTraining is in partnership with the International Training Institute, an ADA-Approved Provider of Continuing Credits.
  • Start your own profitable Orthodontic Assisting School and have your facility become a profit center.
  • Assist your local University Continuing Education Department to establish a profitable Career Orthodontic Assisting Program.